About Us

Our methods have deep roots in Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development. In 1936, the Swiss psychologist showed that children view our world and think in profoundly different ways than adults. Thus, it is less effective to teach children in the same way adults are taught. He believed that their development was the result of adapting and reconstructing their earliest and, most likely, inherited understanding of the world to the actual world around them. We take this to heart when designing age-appropriate environments and curriculums to nurture and inspire our students.


Esperanza has been proudly serving Houston with integrity, compassion and respect since it was established in 1973. For half-century of learning, teaching and exploring, we’ve continuously raised the bar to achieve more.


Teachers & Staff

Our creative, enthusiastic teachers work tirelessly to ensure that your child has every possible advantage to succeed. And when they’re not teaching, they’re learning. Our teachers continue their education, taking over 24 hours of professional development courses every school year. Additionally, our teachers are trained in CPR, SIDS, first aid, and awareness.

Locations & Facilities

Classrooms are not the only place where growth occurs. Our 3-acre campus is full of outdoor space, science gardens and playgrounds for each age group. The campus may seem big when you get here, but your child will feel at home, finding their favorite spots in no time. Note: After-School and Summer Camp classes are held at our Discovery Center in The Heights.


A great chef does not simply follow recipes. The chef knows the tastes, textures and pairing of every ingredient in their pantry. Improving sensory development at an early age helps unlock a child’s true learning potential, whether in a kitchen or laboratory. We accomplish this through activities that explore texture, color and shape, smell, sound and taste.

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