Our History

Alexandra Couvaras, the president of Esperanza, was once in the exact position that you’re in now. She wanted to equip her young daughter with the necessary skills to one day succeed in both her personal and professional life. In fact, the philosophy behind Esperanza’s unique and effective teaching methods were inspired by Alexandra’s experiences in raising her daughter.

So, fear not, you are not alone in this personal and noble pursuit. For decades, Esperanza has prided itself on giving young students, like yours, the individual attention, foundational learning skills and emotional development that they’ll need throughout their academic journey. Even though our students are quite young, we believe that our methods are the bedrock upon which their educational and professional achievements will be built.

We hope that you’ll browse our site some more, reading more about our teaching philosophy and, ultimately, finding the right program for your child.

We are excited to learn with you.