Our Philosophy

Our methods have deep roots in Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development. Adapting Piaget’s theory over nearly 50 years of cultivating young minds, has led Esperanza to a teaching philosophy centered around providing a nurturing environment, leading playful, educational activities, and encouraging every opportunity for exploration.

Esperanza believes in age-appropriate curriculums.

Piaget theorized that children view our world and think in profoundly different ways than adults, which is why we teach children at their level. We focus on building age-appropriate, essential life skills that develop into a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

Esperanza believes in providing a nurturing environment.

Feeling safe and supported opens doors to academic curiosity. Piaget’s theories align with providing children with nurturing environments and play-based lesson planning, which in turn lead children to a greater understanding of themselves and their intellectual interests.

Esperanza believes in giving parents the tools to support their child’s development.

Piaget understood that not every child naturally matures on their own. That’s why we include you, the parents and guardians, in every step of the journey—providing you with lesson plans and progress reports so you can further encourage and support your child’s growth at home. The more exposure they have to energetic and educational environments, the better.

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