Enrichment classes at Esperanza provide:

Individual attention
Growth and development
Mastering new skills
Small Classes
Tools to succeed in school and life!

Why are ancillary activities important?
Programs Esperanza offers help  your child enahance:

*Depth of knowledge about topics
* Higher skill level
* Relating learning to new areas and contexts
* Promotes higher thinking level

Art – Studio on the Boulevard
Naomi Smulian Mendel has over 30 years of experience working with art in the magical world of children.
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Summer Camp Experience! More to come soon!
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Piano – Alchemist Academy
Piano Lessons are available for children ages 5+
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Music -‘Round The World
18 months - 4 yearsOur Music Ancillary, also known as “Music: Around the World!” will help to introduce your child…
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