About Us

Our Story

The Esperanza School originally opened its doors in a tree shaded Montrose neighborhood in 1972.

The Esperanza School works to create a learning environment for the whole child, inspiring their minds, empowering self worth and experience each child proudly makes their unique contribution to the community which is their school and school becomes a purposeful and special place.


From its inception our philosophy has been guided by the wisdom of Jean Piaget, a celebrated Swiss educator who believed that children gain true knowledge and abiding self respect through direct experience.

With this Piagetian foundation, our school works to create a learning environment for the whole child, to inspire their mind, empower self worth and support their spirit.

We believe that by providing a nurturing, playful and consistent environment with clear boundaries, goals and guidelines, children are empowered to make good choices independent of adult interference.

Learning to make good choices for oneself is a key to learning to ask questions, formulate ideas, problem solve and act as unique individuals.  Beginning as infants in our care and continuing throughout, our use of positive and directed language, appropriate goal setting and acknowledgement requiring introspection will build to achieve our mission and our goals.

We believe it is also our responsibility to help educate our parents to assist their children in this journey by providing developmental information about their child, regular updates regarding classroom activities as well as one-on-one conferences.