Pre-K Prep



Learning Independence!

When a child reaches the age of three, they are ready to learn new skills and explore the world through
hands-on activities. Learning becomes meaningful this age group when engaging experiences are based around their interests and prior knowledge.

At Esperanza School, we encourage your little one’s natural curiosity. Our trained staff and teachers will provide your 3-year-old with everything he or she will need to develop the appropriate social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills to continue on their education journey. If you are interested in taking a tour of our beautiful facility or have any questions about enrollment, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Ns. Lauren

Pre-K Prep Program (3 year olds)


Description of Location & Daily Schedule:

Our early preschool classrooms are located in the Purple Wing of the Esperanza School property. Each classroom is unique and designed to stimulate all of the senses with unique specialized centers focusing on different areas of learning such as creative play, art, math, science and language. Our trained teachers and staff provide each room with their own personal touch to create a home-like feeling by adding comfortable and quiet areas, as well as areas that allow your child to use their imagination to the farthest limits.

When the weather permits, all of our pre-kindergarten classrooms take time to enjoy the outdoors either during playtime, snack time, nature walks or all of the above! Your child will be able to create their own adventures on our safe, state-of-the-art playgrounds , take a nature walk through our beautiful gardens or visit our petting zoo featuring miniature pot-bellied pigs, chickens and bunnies!

At Esperanza School, we provide your little one with a consistent schedule to provide a sense of comfort and stability for their day. We supply this need for your child by following a schedule each day which involves circle time in the mornings to start the day, snack and lunch time, outside play, music, art and an introduction to other basic concepts such as math or science.

If there are any special circumstances concerning your child's care, communication with your child's teacher and our administration will ensure that your child will receive the best care to your specifications.

Engaging Activities

Engaging Art Activities help to stimulate your child's artistic and fine motor Development


Fine motor activities to stimulate creative play

Practicing Reading by looking at pictures and words helps to build letter and word recognition

Why is Esperanza a good fit for my child?

Choosing the right Pre-K program for your child is an important decision At Esperanza School we understand that you want to feel informed when you make a decision about Pre-school. Before touring our facility, please print off the checklist below so that you can ask important questions as you are touring the schoool to help in your decision making process.Checklist

Why choose us?

We are learn!Please take a moment to read through our "About Us" section to learn more about what sets our program apart from the rest.Testimonials