Infant Program

Starting from the day you enroll your infant in our program, we will nurture their development and take care of their daily needs the same way you do. Our curriculum will stimulate your baby’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. We ensure an environment where your little one will be our number one priority. If you interested in taking a tour of our beautiful facility or have any questions about enrollment, please contact us!

Our infant facility is located in the Pink Wing of the Esperanza School property.

At the sensorimotor stage (0-2) thinking involves forming knowledge via the senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Each infant room is unique and designed to stimulate all of the senses while creating a warm, secure living space. When your little one is old enough, you may sign a permission slip that allows them to go on daily stroller rides around Esperanza School. These stroller rides take a tour of the hallways and the outside gardens (weather permitting). Our gardens and playgrounds provide a sensory experience including a waterfall fountain, beautiful landscaping, plant life and life-like animal figures depicting giraffes, hippos and more!

Each infant is such a unique bundle of joy unto themselves that there is no set schedule for our Infant Program. You, as the parent, designate feeding times and will communicate your experience of your child’s needs to set up a napping schedule with your teacher. If there are any special circumstances concerning your child’s care, communication with your child’s teacher and our administration will ensure that your child will receive the best care to your specifications.

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