Esperanza's Saturday Night Rainbow Kids Club

Rainbow Kids Club (RKC) has been created for your convenience to make sure you and your partner have some time to share together. RKC (held at 429 Heights Blvd.) is the most fun babysitting club in Houston.

Rainbow Kids Club (RKC) is open to children ages 18 months to 10 years old from within Esperanza School as well as children outside our school.
RKC is open Saturday from 6:00pm to 1:00am.  Staff arrives at the time of the earliest reservation. Children will participate in outdoor activities (if appropriate), an art or craft activity as well as center play.  Dinner is served at 7:00pm.  At bedtime, a movie will be shown (G rated) and children will be tucked in to sleep on nap pads.

To make reservations call the Main Office at 713-868-3276 to book in your spot.

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