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Infant Program: 6 weeks to 11 months; 12 to 17 monthsOur infant classes are designed to feature a nurturing and calming environment for your little one. Since your little one is unique and special in their own way, there is no set schedule for our infant classrooms. This means that you, the parent, will be in complete control of your little one’s feeding schedule and supplies. Each infant classroom has a curriculum for the month, including activities that will help strengthen your little one's physical and language development, as well as their sensory skills.

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Toddler Program: 18 months to 23 months; 2 years oldOur toddler program provides the many opportunities which your child needs to grow and explore within their world. Within our program, your toddler will discover who they are as individuals as well their identity with a group. Each of our uniquely designed toddler classrooms have a set schedule for the day to provide the consistency this particular age group craves. The schedule consists of circle time, snacks, outside play, music, art, and an introduction to other basic concepts. There is a curriculum for each month which includes activities that accentuate concepts, skills and playful experiences.

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Pre-K Prep Program: 3 years oldThree year olds are eager to explore their world, expand their newfound love for language and discover their developing motor skills. Our Pre-K Preparatory classrooms are designed to nurture your little one's creative energy in a multi-sensory and information enriched environment. The curriculum for each month provides opportunities to develop skills (such as: cooperation, compassion, negotiation and problem solving) and concepts (such as: math, science, whole language) while still emphasizing the fun in learning new things.

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Kindergarten Preparatory: 4yrs (by September 1st)Our Kindergarten Preparatory Program is ideal for your child as they get ready for their next big step on their learning journey. Our Pre-K classroom is equipped with unique learning centers, multi-sensory experiences and creative play areas. We know it’s important to you, as the parent, to be involved with child’s preparation for Kindergarten and we strive to make sure that you are aware of your child’s progress. Our curriculum is shared with you every month, along with weekly emails to update you on the classroom’s schedule. Your child’s everyday activities will focus on expanding their knowledge of: written language, vocabulary, language building skills, math, science, art, motor skills, social skills and more!

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Part Time Program: For 2, 3 and 4 year oldsOur Part Time Program may also be referenced to as the Short Stops Class or as the Mother's Day Out Program. Our part time program extends from 8:30am to 2:30pm on select days of the week and is perfect for families that don't require full time care. The Short Stops classroom is designed to help nurture your little one's imagination and creativity during their daily routines, as well as expand their social skills. Your child will enjoy a variety of daily activities that will both help them learn different concepts (such as: art, science and math) and skills (such as: gross motor, fine motor and sensory).

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Afterschool Program: K through 5th GradeEsperanza School also provides After School care for select elementary schools in the area. Transportation is provided from your child's school to our location. Our After School counselors provide fun activities (such as: cooking, arts and crafts, and outside play) to keep your child moving and learning until the time when they can go home. There is also a designated quiet area where your child can do their homework with assistance from an After School counselor if needed. Homework reports are sent home every Friday so you can see their progress throughout the week.

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Summer Camp: Kindergarten to 5th GradePack your bags, start your engines and get ready for Esperanza School's Summer Camp "Road Trip"! Your child will have a great time collecting souvenirs, learning about the strange road trip attractions from around the world, making their own Driver's License and enjoying "nights" under the "stars"! Summer Camp will last for 11 weeks from June 6th to August 12th. Summer Camp Counselors are trained Esperanza School staff ready to share some great adventures with your child! Let the road trip begin!

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Rainbow Kid's Club: 2 years to 11 yearsRainbow Kid's Club is a membership-based program that provides Saturday night (6pm to 1am) care for parents that wish to have a night out. If you wish to participate in Rainbow Kid's Club, you do not need to be enrolled in Esperanza School! Rainbow Kid's Club is staffed by trained teachers from Esperanza School and features fun activities (such as: arts and crafts and outdoor play) for your little one to enjoy before they settle down to sleep for the night. Dinner is provided for an extra fee.

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Ancillaries: Music, Spanish, Monkeynastix & More!Esperanza School is proud to provide specialized extra classes for your child throughout their normal school week. These extra classes include Spanish: Casa Ole, Music: Around the World and Monkeynastix. Monkeynastix is a movement education program which provides fun, non-competitive movement experiences to help build self-confidence and a positive self-image. Our Spanish and Music classes are taught by trained Esperanza School teachers who love to share their experience and passion for their arts with your child.

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