Kindergarten Preparatory Program


A magical year of learning! At this age (4 by September 1st), your child is preparing for the adventure of a lifetime in their education journey. Our Kindergarten Preparatory program is designed to get your child ready by building and perfecting valuable skills, such as: music, art, math, science, whole language, vocabulary, practical life concepts and social skills. Our trained teachers will help your child develop the valuable academic, physical, emotional and social skills that will help him or her become a confident and competent learner.

At Esperanza School, our goal is to introduce experiences and provide engaging activities that will ensure your little one’s successful transition to Kindergarten. If you are interested in taking a tour of our beautiful facility or have any questions about enrollment, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Ms. Marisol. Enrollment

Description of Location & Daily Schedule:

Our Kindergarten Preparatory classroom is named the Mighty Eagles and located in the Purple Wing of the Esperanza School property. The Mighty Eagles classroom features small-group instruction centers that concentrate on various forms of study such as math, science, language and art. Every wall is decorated with inviting, multi-sensory learning materials and your little one will be able to “leave their mark” by hanging their choice of art in the Mighty Eagle’s Art Center.

Our trained Kindergarten Preparatory teachers provide the classroom with comfortable quiet areas, as well as structured independent play areas where your little one can use his or her imagination to the farthest limits. When the weather permits, the Mighty Eagles class takes time each day to enjoy the outdoors by either planting their own seeds in the Esperanza Gardens, visiting the Esperanza Petting Zoo, sharing adventures with their friends on our playgrounds or by taking nature walks through our different gardens. Our gardens feature beautiful waterfalls and life-like animal figures, while our playgrounds offer exciting adventures ranging from a “wild ride” on a pirate ship to a “dangerous” trek through the jungle. Each week, the Mighty Eagles take a field trip to a fun location at a reasonable distance from the school that pertains to the classroom’s weekly theme and curriculum.

For the Kindergarten Preparatory program, we arrange the schedule for the classroom around a regular school day so that the transition to Kindergarten will be easier on you your little one. The Kindergarten Preparatory program’s schedule retains the same structure from day to day to maintain consistency, but rotates activities to keep your child’s learning experiences well-rounded and varied.

If there are any special circumstances concerning your child's care, communication with your child's teacher and our administration will ensure that your child will receive the best care to your specifications.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year. Please turn in your application and registration fee to secure your spot for the Fall.

Kinder Prep Video (4 yrs+)

Engaging Activities

Small group activities to help build social skills and fine motor skills

Learning how to write letters and numbers through fine motor activities

Playing is an important part of the learning process

Why is Esperanza a good fit for my child?

Choosing the right Pre-K program for your child is an important decision... At Esperanza School we understand that only you can decide what program fits your child's needs. If you would like to find more about our program please contact us. We are happy to answer any of your questions. Before you call for an enrollment tour, please click here to take a look at our School Tour Checklist.Contact Us

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