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When it comes to our staff and teachers, we like to set our standards as high as yours. At Esperanza School, it's very important that all of our staff and teachers are trained and experienced to handle any situation that may arise. We also make sure that all of our staff hold the same passion and dedication to learning and safety as you do.

TEACHER OF THE MONTH: Be sure to stop by this part of our website once a month to see which teacher we think has shown the most passion and best qualities for the month! This site is still under construction, so we don't yet have one of our staff to showcase here yet. It will be here soon! Please come back to see who we have awarded Teacher of the Month!



Give feedback on many of your favorite Teachers!

If you have something you would like to share about your child's teacher here at Esperanza, please email us at the link below! Please include your the classname and your teacher's name in the subject line--

What can you do for your Child's Teacher?

How you can get involved in Esperanza's PTO and/or becoming a Room Parent.

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Career Opportunities

What it means to work at Esperanza School

Thank you for choosing a career with Esperanza School. We are dedicated to selecting top professionals who are energetic, motivated, sincere and committed to children’s academic success. We insist that our staff care about children and parents.